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Why the Minor Arcana is So Important

Posted by Kayla Bihlajama - Spring Hill Florida 34606 on April 15, 2014 at 12:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Most relate this section of the Tarot with Today’s playing cards; with slight differences we have Wands (sometimes called Batons), Swords, Cups (Chalices), or Pentacles (Coins). These cards are able to give the reader a few more details in which are not located in the Major Arcana for example: If in a 7 card spread the enquirer happens to get 5 of the Major Arcana this could indicate the enquirer has way too many outsiders making choices controlling the enquirer’s life.

Along with the numbered cards in the suit there are the Kings, Queens, Knights, and Pages. These usually allow the Reader to dive into a little more detail painting a clearer picture for the enquirer, such as; The Page of Cups, cups being feminine and a page usually being a child under the age of 22 often it is appropriate to interpret this card meaning as the enquirer has a female child. However you can’t always use this method due to people’s living circumstances this card can also mean a niece or baby sister. Rightfully so this is where your card combinations can be extremely helpful. The numbered cards in the deck often tell of events that have passed or what are to come. Take the 6 of swords for example: This card often means the enquirer is planning a move or vacation the rest of the reading may tell you why, if this move is the correct choice or just a geographical cure.


"Animal Totems: A Natives Perspective"

Posted by Kayla Bihlajama - Spring Hill Florida 34606 on August 1, 2013 at 5:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Before the hustle and bustle of everyday life, before annoying bosses who peek over your cubical to make sure you're doing their work; before you could just go into the local one stop shop to purchase meat, paper, and even your electronic devices. Before that people of most religions believed the Earth and the animals had a story or lesson to teach. The Chinese called this Kung-Fu and on the other side of the World the Native Americans were calling them Totems.

translated into the word ‘Friend’, the Spiritualists call them Guides and life teachers: Learning to make tools like the ape, weave fabric like a spider, and catch a fish using your bare hands like the bear was the only way to survive in the wild. This brought balance and harmony to every living thing because these tasks were not as easy as picking up products at the grocery store, so nothing was in excess.

Now man has forgotten how the delicate balance is: Yes, we live more comfortable and no, I’m not saying to set up a tent and live among the wild animals. I am simply saying, “Stop and listen, think and look at what you’re doing”. We may learn from the animals still, as children still do when they mimic their favorite one from the zoo or the animal they simply cannot get enough of.


Most Native Americans used the totem to show other tribes who their family was. Each family member is connected to nine different animals that will aid them during their life. As a guide the totems would very seldom change unless an unexpected turn in one’s life had occurred, then they would change to suit that person's needs.

Does a certain kind of animal consistently appear in your life? This doesn’t necessarily have to be a physical appearance; it could be represented in other ways such as receiving cards and letters with the same animal pictured over and over, unexplainable dreams of a particular animal, watching television and seeing the same animal featured time and time again, or actually having the animal show up. This could be one of your totems offering you a warning or lesson if you would choose to listen.


In my family we would (and still do) inadvertently learn and keep our totems close at hand and I will pass this information to you: The top animal on the totem, also known as your ‘power animal’, represents your personality and who you are at this time. My father’s was the Bison, my mother’s is the Great Horned Owl, my brother’s is the Dragon (or large lizard) and mine is the Tyto alba known as the ‘Barn Owl’.

What do the animals have to say to you? Come in and have a seat and from my family to yours I will assist in helping you with your animal ‘friends’.